Allison Jandu: Potty Training Consultant

We are thrilled to share that our NehNehBaby training watch has received an endorsement from potty training expert Allison Jandu. With her extensive experience in helping parents and children navigate the challenges of potty training, Allison's feedback is invaluable to us.

Allison Jandu is the founder of Potty Training Consultant, an author, and a recognized potty training expert. Her practical advice has helped countless families achieve successful potty training outcomes.

"These adorable potty watches are perfect for busy parents who don't have the ability to keep their eye out for accidents! But they aren't just for the parents' benefit. If a child is struggling with self-initiation, this watch is a great tool to help bridge the gap until they can learn to reliably listen to their body's urges. The cuteness and quality will keep you using this for years to come!" says Allison.

Allison highlights that:
🐻 The watch features adorable full-color animations and tunes
💪🏽 It is the best quality toddler watch she has ever tested
⏳ It has a battery life of up to 3 days
🚽 The reminders can be used for various tasks beyond potty training

Allison Jandu's endorsement highlights the quality and functionality of our training watch, making it an excellent tool for parents working on potty training. Her expertise and approval reassure parents that they are choosing a reliable and effective product for their children.