Kids Training Watch
Kids Training Watch
Kids Training Watch
Kids Training Watch
Kids Training Watch
Kids Training Watch
Kids Training Watch
Kids Training Watch
Kids Training Watch
Kids Training Watch
Kids Training Watch
Kids Training Watch
Kids Training Watch

Kids Training Watch

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  • Suitable for ages 2–8
  • Child-safe materials
  • Parental control
  • Custom reminder time range
  • Customizable themes and animations
  • Voice Time Announcement
  • 24 to 40 hours of playtime
  • Eight daily routine reminders
  • Free delivery
  •  1 month free trial
  •  12-month warranty
  •  Lifetime technical support
    • ⏲️ Develop Healthy Habits: This watch excels with its dual functionalities: alarm and timer. The alarms are pivotal for reminders like toilet training and hydration, while the timers are indispensable for activities such as teeth brushing and exercise. These features support the development of good habits by providing timely reminders and tracking progress.
    • 🧭Breath Sync Feature: The integrated breathing exercises help children relax and manage stress, promoting a calm and peaceful state of mind, especially after active days.
    • 🎵Interactive Reminders: Equipped with multiple alarm modes, the watch provides customizable reminders with animations, vibrations, and musical tones to engage children. Quick adjustments allow easy switching between reminder types and modes.
    • 🎨Fun and Customizable: The watch includes a variety of music choices, multiple animated interfaces, and interchangeable themed backgrounds to keep the experience fresh and enjoyable for kids.
    • 📢Convenient Time Announcements: A simple press of the FUN button on the main interface allows the watch to verbally announce the current time, making it easy for kids to stay aware of the time throughout the day.


    All Features

    Advanced Features
    Basic Features

    Our watch offers 3 versatile alarm modes: Potty, Hydration, and Custom Mode.

    Our versatile timer includes five modes: Brushing Teeth, Bathing, Reading, Exercise, and Custom Mode.

    The Breath Sync feature is designed to help children relax and manage stress. This thoughtful addition guides children to breathe along with the animation, promoting mindfulness.

    Customize with dinosaur, kitten, bear, or puppy animations to help your child stay on track with daily tasks.

    Switch between three daytime and three night time theme backgrounds, designed to teach your child about different times of day and match their daily activities.

    Enable or disable the speak time function to have the watch verbally announce the time, which is perfect for children learning how to tell time.

    Easily toggle the vibration feature on or off, providing a silent alert option that won't disturb your child during sleep.

    Adjust the screen brightness with three levels: 1, 2, or 3, ensuring optimal visibility whether indoors or outdoors. The default brightness is set to level 2.

    The watch comes with three built-in ringtones to choose from, allowing your child to personalize their alerts.

    Customize the screen duration with three options: 10s, 15s, or 20s. After being on, the screen dims after a certain time (7s, 12s, 17s) and completely turns off after an additional 3s.

    Choose from three volume levels: 25%, 60%, or 100%, ensuring the watch is always at the perfect volume for any environment.

    Choose between 12-hour and 24-hour time formats, helping your child learn to read time in both formats. This setting can be easily adjusted.

    How it works

    Why Your Family Need Training Watch

    Our watch, designed for children aged 2-8, helps them managedaily tasks and time, encouraging good habits, confidence, and independence in a fun, stress-free manner.

    Versatile Timer Modes

    The children's watch offers timers for brushing teeth, bathing, reading, exercise, and custom activities, promoting structured routines and effective time management.

    Breath Sync

    The breath sync feature guides children through breathing exercises, encouraging mindfulness and emotional well-being.


    Seamless Rest for Your Child

    Parents can set reminders for their children, ensuring uninterrupted rest by automatically avoidingsleep hours and enabling quick mute and disable functions for peaceful sleep.

    What Else You Should Know

    For Ages 2-8

    Safe Magnetic Charging

    Up to 24 to 40 Hours Per Charge


    These adorable potty watches are perfect for busy parents who don't have the ability to keep their eye out for accidents!

    ——Allison Jandu


    These watches help me plan these things and never miss a beat, making parenting easier and more methodical.

    ——Alissa Nelson

    Certified Safety Standards




    A1. Once fully charged, the watch can be used for about 24-40 hours. (Please note that actual usage time may vary depending on specific usage conditions. We recommend adjusting the frequency of reminders to extend battery life, and ensuring that reminder functions are turned off when not needed to maximize battery usage time.)

    A2. Rest assured, the watch strap uses a special process and high-quality materials to ensure that there will be no fading or discoloration during everyday use by your baby. It ensures your child's safety while maintaining the appearance of the watch.

    A3. Rest assured, the watch strap has been certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, and is made of non-toxic, safe, high-quality, and skin-friendly ABS and hypoallergenic silicone material to ensure no irritation and guarantee your child’s safety.

    A4. No, it will not.

    A5. The battery is built-in and cannot be replaced.

    A6. Our children's training watch has a time display feature, and it can also set three regular ringing modes and five timing modes, providing children with regular reminders to help them better manage their time.

    A7.The watch can withstand sweat or a small amount of splashing water in daily life (such as handwashing). To ensure the long-term performance and comfortable wearing of the watch, please avoid wearing it at the seaside, while swimming, or taking hot showers for the following reasons:
    1.Some children might feel uncomfortable with the constriction of wearables after their arms come into contact with water. For a better wearing experience, we recommend removing the watch in these specific situations.
    2.The inside of the watch contains delicate electronic components, and prolonged exposure to water can accelerate the wear and tear of the internal chips, so please avoid prolonged submersion in water.

    A8.Our first-generation watch supports only English, but subsequent upgrades will include more languages. Stay tuned for updates on our watch!

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