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NehNehBaby Training Watch

The First Training Watch For Kids

This product is mainly aimed at kids (2~8 years old), a training watch that goes deep into life in all aspects.

Empower children to be children

Today's children navigate a distracting, fast-paced worid, facing challenges that canoverwhelm and cause anxiety. This innovative device helps them learn time managementand develop healthy empowers kids to remember tasks, like homeworkdeadlines, fostering independence and reducing stress, so they can enjoy being kids.

Simplify Life, Find Balance

Modern parents face busy lives with apparently endless tasks – every day is a struggle between work and household chores, and active and involved parenting can sometimes be a challenge. A Training Watch offers parents a convenient and fun solution to help families in some important daily tasks, simplifying their lifes so they can enjoy better quality time together.

Reminder and Training Features

Say goodbye to nagging! Our watch does the reminding, lightening your load.


Alarm:Potty, Hydration, Custom Mode

Our watch helps make potty training and maintaining good habits fun for children, featuring alarms for potty times, hydration reminders, and cues for family routines. Animated characters encourage kids to mimic healthy behaviors, turning routine tasks into enjoyable activities. With customizable alerts for various settings, it supports independence, fosters responsibility, and promotes a lifetime of healthy habits.

Custom Mode

Timer: Brushing Teeth, Bathing,Reading,Exercise, and Custom Mode

Our watch helps children manage daily tasks like brushing teeth, reading, and more with set timers, offering musical or vibrational alerts. This feature promotes independence, understanding time management, and smoothens daily routines. It also aids in creating unspoken agreements on task durations, making transitions easier without rush or resistance. The watch’s custom modes further adapt to various activities, fostering autonomy and mutual understanding between parents and kids by setting clear time limits for tasks.

Brushing Teeth
Custom Mode

Customizable Settings Features

Say goodbye to idle wearables! Encourage children to enjoy wearing it because wearing it for the long haul will make a difference.

Breath Sync

This fantastic tool offers calming breathing exercises for kids, with animations for guidance—either text cues or a bear demonstrating deep breaths. It's designed to teach mindfulness, reduce stress, improve focus, and promote relaxation, helping children find tranquility and prepare for restful sleep.

Breath Sync
Different from training watches on the market, NehNehBaby is the world's first animated training watch, featuring a wider range of life routine reminder modes. It's tailored with a larger screen and a hypoallergenic silicone strap for children, ensuring safety and durability with its enhanced waterproof design.

Develop diverse good habits

Our kids' training watch goes beyond essentialhabits, offering eight different scene settings to develop a range of positivehabits in children.

More Efficient and Safer Experience

24 to 40-Hour

Battery Life

Supported with Magnetic Charger Port

which has no exposed charging holes

Easy Access

Power Button

Short press for 3 seconds to power onor power off. Setting Interface: Short press to returnto the previous section.

Fun Button

Simply rotate the Fun Button and press to access the 12 function settings on the watch face.Main Interface: Short Press - Speak Time, Double Tap - Enter Settings; Interface: Short press - Confirm Current Setting.

What’s included?

Training Watch*1

Charging stand*1

Magnetic Charging Cable*1


Name: Training Watch

Material: PC+ABS+Silicone

Battery Capacity: 155mAh

Rated Input: 5V=1A

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