Brand Story

Back in 2023, Jason Cai faced the challenges and struggles of every first-time dad -- no matter how much you brace yourself, you're never prepared! But, being a geek millennial, he wanted to find efficient, tech-driven parenting methods to help him offload some menial tasks to spend more quality time with his baby. That's how the NehNehBaby line was born, to help modern parents overcome their daily challenges. Our initial line-up includes a formula mixer, a bottle warmer, and a training watch.


Mission and Vision

We understand the demanding lives of modern-day parents, and we want to help you enjoy your parenting journey, treasuring every moment of your kids' childhood while you spend quality time with them. We craft parenting solutions for the modern age with products such as our training watch (to help children develop healthy habits), formula mixer (with scientifically proven efficient preparation), and bottle warmer (compatible with various types of bottles). That's why our motto is "Science, Comfort, Eficiency: setting the best start for children".


Brand Positioning | Empowering Modern Parenthood

We are dedicated to providing a new generation of young parents with more comfortable, science-driven, and efficient parenting solutions, making the process of parenting easier so your babies grow healthy -- and you can enjoy every minute of it!


Brand Philosophy

Science, Comfort, Efficiency - Setting the Best Start for Children. We believe that every family deserves access to the best technology to help them better care for their baby and nurture their healthy growth with a scientifically informed parenting approach.