Alissa Nelson: Mother of Triplets Kendall, Haley, and Addison

As a mother of triplets, Alissa Nelson is always on her toes. Each of her three children has unique needs and schedules. To bring some order to their bustling household, she turned to NehNehBaby training watches.

It can be hard to keep up with all of the girls’ schedules. These watches are a lifesaver when it comes to monitoring water intake or bowel movements for each of them. These watches help me plan these things and never miss a beat, making parenting easier and more methodical," says Alissa.

Alissa appreciates the peace of mind these training watches provide, allowing her to spend more quality time with her children rather than constantly managing their schedules. The watches have not only made life easier for Alissa but have also empowered her children to take responsibility for their routines.