Who Should Use the NehNehBaby Training Watch?

Welcome to NehNehBaby! If you're new here, let us introduce you to our innovative training watch, designed to help young children develop good habits and manage their time effectively.

The Science Behind It

According to the research "Children’s Understanding of Time Concepts" by Fernando Michel et al., published in 2012, children under the age of 8 have an underdeveloped understanding of time concepts. This study highlights the unique ways young children perceive time and provides critical insights into their cognitive development.

Moreover, a study by Brown University found that children's habits are deeply rooted by the age of 9. This critical period for habit formation underscores the importance of early intervention in helping children establish positive routines.

Ideal for Ages 2-8

Our training watch is specifically designed for children aged 2-8. Whether it’s for tracking daily tasks or developing time management skills, this watch aids in fostering independence and confidence in young children.

A Thoughtful Gift for Young Learners

Our training watch lays the foundation for lifelong learning and independence for your young child. Whether you are their grandparents, relatives, or family friends, this watch makes an ideal gift. It’s a thoughtful tool for personal development, offering encouragement and guidance on their journey.

Join us at NehNehBaby in nurturing the next generation of confident and independent children!

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