Electric Baby Formula Mixer
Electric Baby Formula Mixer
Electric Baby Formula Mixer
Electric Baby Formula Mixer
Electric Baby Formula Mixer
Electric Baby Formula Mixer
Electric Baby Formula Mixer
Electric Baby Formula Mixer
Electric Baby Formula Mixer


Electric Baby Formula Mixer

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Color:Light Blue
  • 🍼Bi-directional Mixing Technology: Our baby formula mixer features advanced bi-directional mixing technology that automatically switches between forward and reverse rotations, ensuring that the formula and water are thoroughly mixed without any lumps or particles. This unique mixing approach simulates the effect of manual shaking but is more uniform and efficient, providing the best feeding experience for your baby.
  • 🦯Upgraded Mixing Wand Design: The internal mixing wand of the mixer has been meticulously designed and upgraded to mix the formula more efficiently, ensuring a smooth and fine milk texture with every use. The enhanced durability of the mixing wand also ensures a longer lifespan.
  • 💡High-Capacity Battery: Catering to the needs of busy parents, our baby formula mixer is equipped with a high-capacity battery that provides extended use on a single charge, eliminating the need for frequent recharging. Even when on the go, you can be confident that there is sufficient battery life to prepare your baby's bottle.
  • ⚖Leak-Proof Spout Design: The spout of the mixer has been precision-engineered to prevent any leaks during use, ensuring a smooth pour every time and reducing the hassle of clean-up, as well as preventing waste.
  • 👣User-Friendly and Easy to Clean: The design of the baby formula mixer is simple and user-friendly, with all operation buttons being intuitive and straightforward. Even new parents can quickly learn how to use it. Additionally, all parts that come into contact with the formula and water are detachable, making it incredibly easy to clean and ensuring hygiene with every use.
  • 🧭Peace of Mind -Time Scale Recorder: Discover the ease of our baby formula mixer with a time scale feature, a must-have for modern parents. It guarantees freshness and safety, reducing spoilage worries. Ideal for busy days and nights, this feature simplifies formula preparation, letting you focus on what matters most – your baby's well-being. Compact, efficient, and reliable, it's the perfect ally in your parenting journey.

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A1. Dishwashers with overheated water and strong spray may adversely affect the components of the formula mixer pitcher. Additionally, chemicals in detergents may cause abrasion to the machine.

We recommend manual cleaning of this product, as it is easily cleaned.  Simply place it under the faucet and rinse with room-temperature water.

A2. According to Dr. Sears "The Baby Book," we recommend refrigerating prepared but unconsumed milk to maintain freshness. Unconsumed milk can be kept at room temperature for approximately 2 hours, and refrigeration can extend its shelf life to nearly 24 hours.

When using the pitcher to store the leftover milk, please rotate the lid and ensure that the lid is sealed properly .

A3. ①Prepare an appropriate amount of water in the pitcher at a moderate temperature, typically around 40°C (104°F). It's recommended to adjust the water temperature according to medical advice and your baby's drinking preferences.

② Following the instructions on the formula packaging, use the provided measuring spoon or weighing tool to add an appropriate amount of formula powder into the prepared water.

③ Press the power button and wait for approximately 2.5 minutes.

NOTE: Overheated water may compromise the nutrition of the formula.

A4. Yes, it is BPA Free, Phthalates Free, Latex Free, Chemical Free.

A5. It can be used 60 times after being fully charged.

A6. Why do some formula powders experience difficulty dissolving?

The formulation of infant formula is tailored by each brand to suit the nutritional needs of infants and toddlers at different developmental stages, incorporating a variety of minerals and milk sources (for instance, substituting soy protein for cow's milk protein). As a result, the recommended water-to-formula ratio may vary among brands, which can lead to instances where the formula does not dissolve completely when mixed.