Tips for Using the Training Watch Without Disturbing Sleep

Hello NehNehBaby Community!

As the brand leader at NehNehBaby and an expert in child development, I’m here to share some practical tips on how to use our training watch without disturbing your child's sleep. Here are two key techniques to ensure peaceful rest while keeping your child's routine on track.

Tip 1: Set Alarms Outside Sleep Times

Our training watch allows you to set alarms for both morning and afternoon periods, avoiding your child's nap and bedtime. This way, you can schedule reminders around their sleep, ensuring they aren't disturbed.

Tip 2: Use Quick Settings to Mute Watch

Parents can use the quick settings to turn off vibrations and sounds before their child goes to sleep. To access quick settings, press the Power Button and the Fun Button simultaneously.

In the quick settings menu, you can choose the reminder mode: vibration, music, or both. In quiet environments or preschools, the vibration mode can discreetly alert your child without causing embarrassment or disruption.

Customizable Settings for Any Situation

We have designed our training watch to be flexible, addressing a common issue with many competitors' products that can't disable vibrations or alarms. Our watch allows parents to tailor the reminder settings to suit their needs and their child's environment, ensuring ease of use in any scenario.

Thank you for being part of the NehNehBaby community. We hope these tips help you make the most of our training watch while maintaining a peaceful sleep schedule for your child.

Warm regards,

The NehNehBaby Team

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